Photos: Bangkok Street Market in Sathorn

At last! Some pictures from the little alleyway street market outside our hotel. Doesn’t the grilled fish look amazing? It looks a lot like a northeastern Thai fish dish that I’ve heard about: whole fish stuffed with lemongrass and herbs, rolled in salt and roasted. By the end, the flavors of the herbs inside are supposed to soak into the fish meat.

The Villa Market in Sathorn, where these pictures were taken, features both established stalls and day vendors who set up tents and tables, all in an alley about the width of a car. It’s not really a market for tourists, more for locals working in the city’s commercial banking district to pick up lunch, groceries, clothing and random electronics. It’s bustling Monday through Friday but deserted on weekends.

My favorite was the guy frying pork and lemongrass fritters in a gigantic wok. Oil smelled clean, I couldn’t help but try some. This was on our first morning in Bangkok. Karl abstained, saying “I wanna see what happens to you first.” He missed out, they were delicious. I felt no ill effects.

There’s one type of food, however, that I probably will not try on the street: chicken or beef on a stick. Lots of vendors set up makeshift charcoal grills like the one pictured above and put skewers of marinated meats on them. Sure, the meat is being cooked through on the spot, but it’s very warm in Thailand right now and not everyone stores the raw meats in a cooler. There’s no telling how long the chicken sat out growing salmonella before it hit the grill.

That being said, we’ve discovered shopping malls a few train stops away with huge food courts and areas dedicated to cooking the same street foods you’d find outside, but in a more sanitary environment.

Some fruits and strange vegetable pods I could not identify. If you have a clue, leave a comment!

As an aside, as a newbie WordPress user I find their system for displaying photos awfully cumbersome. If anyone has tips for how to post a collage of photos without having to upload each one individually to the Wordpress gallery, let me know! I use Smugmug and Flickr, but neither seems to have a great plugin for WordPress..


5 responses to “Photos: Bangkok Street Market in Sathorn

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  2. Very cool to see what you are up to! All of it looks exciting. I get that this is the professional blog, but I’m sure Mom would agree with me, where do we go to see pictures of our little Boo? Btw, green dangly fruit are fruit of the nitta tree. Dark red one is snake fruit, or “salak.” Be safe. I hope Dad sent you with some ciprofloxacin.

    • Haha, Ok ok, I have one picture of me and Karl and Dominic altogether about to chow down. Next post… What do the dangly fruit taste like? The green one that looks like pods? And how come you know so much about exotic fruit never seen in Hawaii?!

  3. You are right not trying the street vendor meat there. The locals have the right gut flora combo to handle the bacteria in the food, but not most new visitors to Thailand. The hot chili spices also help to keep the bacteria from being a problem, but if you are not use to the fire engine hotness it’s the runs either way.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Keep it coming!

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